Performed by: Article 19

Writer- Flora Wilson Brown (after Pushkin)

Tanya’s waiting to be swept off her feet - the only problem is finding someone who deserves her. Enter Eugene Onegin: funny, charming, and kind, Tanya has found the perfect man. And like all great men, one day he isn’t those things. A new adaptation about being young and in love.


Showing Times
Date Time Venue Ticket price
Wednesday 17 April 16:00 Curve 3 £5.00
Wednesday 17 April 19:30 Curve 3  £5.00
Thursday 18 April  16:00 Curve 3 £5.00
Thursday 18 April  19:30 Curve 3  £5.00


To book tickets for this show, please ring the NSDF office 020 70369028 or email [email protected]



Tanya- Darcy Dobson 

Liv- Amy Warner Allen 

Eugene- Fionn Creber

Lenny- Touwa Craig-Dunn



Director- Jimmy Dougan 

Assistant Director- Jamie Tomkinson

Stage Manager- Phoebe Mills

Producer- Carly McIntosh



Rebecca Vernon

Emily Goode