Performed by: Pound of Flesh

Written by Anna Jordan 

Yen is a contemporary coming-of-age story following two brothers in West London. Hench is sixteen, Bobbie is thirteen. They’re home alone with their dog Taliban; playing PlayStation, streaming porn, watching the world go by. Sometimes their mum Maggie visits, usually with empty pockets and empty promises. Then Jenny shows up. 


Showing Times
Date Time Venue Ticket price
Monday 15 April 15:45 Curve 2 £5.00
Monday 15 April  19:30 Curve 2 £5.00
Tuesday 16 April  15:45 Curve 2 £5.00
Tuesday 16 April  19:30 Curve 2 £5.00


To book tickets for this show, please ring the NSDF office 020 70369028 or email [email protected]



Bobbie- Tom Kingman 

Hench- Oscar Sadler

Maggie- Eliza Beresford 

Jennifer- Olivia Holmes 



Director- Matt Owen

Producer- Kate Chalmers

Stage Manager- Tilly Kaye