Editorial 22nd March

22 March 2016

Hello! As the glitter settles from last night's Bowie extravaganza, welcome to the even more glamorous world of Issue Three of Noises Off

Read on for theatre reviews, an interview with the people behind Over There, an ode to Alan Ayckbourn, thoughts on verbatim theatre and the second instalment of our Sylvanian Families photostory. But we're nothing without your input. Do drop in and share your ideas – we live under the Spa complex stairs, like a trio of journalistic Harry Potters. 

And if you'd like to try a bit of creative writing, enter our new competition: Tiny plays about NSDF. We'd like to hear the little stories you've overheard or dreamt up at NSDF. Write us plays about your surreal encounters, midnight epiphanies or hilarious misunderstandings: the only rule is that they can't be more than 200 words long. We'll publish them all on the Noises Off website: noff.nsdf.org.uk. The best one will receive a not-so-tiny edible prize. Email your contributions to [email protected]

Whether or not you want to turn your hand to writing for us, you can stay tuned for more festival buzz each day on the Noises Off website. To paraphrase Bowie, “We don't know where we'll be going from here, but we promise it won't be boring.”

The Editors