A purple tinted image of two people sat down side by side, looking at each other and talking. The person to the left has long brunette hair and is wearing a black top with a chunky silver necklace. They are holding an NSDF Programme. The person to the right has short blonde hair and is wearing a grey jumper.
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NSDF is a family, and one that continues and grows because of the generous spirit and kindness of its Alumni. What is wonderful and moving is the sense of the affection and shared bonds created when attending the Festival; being within that family: a family that is still developing ever year.

We have launched a NSDF Alumni Supporters Scheme  and we would love you to join. 

All donations can be paid either annually or monthly:

  • BE PART OF SOMETHING: £60 a year or a small monthly donation of just £5 you can ‘Be Part of Something’ helping us secure the Festival moving forward.
  • Support a BURSARY: £120 a year or just £10 per month will Support a Bursary, allowing a young person to get a free ticket to the Festival, allowing access to everyone regardless of income.
  • Support a WORKSHOP: £300 a year or just £25 per month will help us run one of over 100 workshops, led by leading theatre practitioners, which NSDF produces each year.
  • Support our NOISES OFF MAGAZINE: £600 a year or £50 per month will support a young person being part of the team creating the Magazine, which is published each day of the Festival, it’s a magazine of reviews, opinions, and other bits and pieces.
  • Support a PANEL DISCUSSION: £1,000 a year of £83.33 per month: NSDF is place where debate is fostered and we are very proud of our panel discussions.
  • Support our BIGGER ROOM PROJECT: £5,000 will help support our year round workshop and masterclass programme, which are free and available to all.
  • Support NSDF CREATES: £10,000 will help support groups of young people to create new work that will be showcased as part of the Festival.

Join our Alumni Supporter Scheme

NSDF is a family, and one that continues and grows because of the generous spirit and kindness of its members. 

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