10 April 2020

Print out and make your own copy of the 2020 Noff zine

To print your own Noff zine, download and print each one of the PDFs below. Make sure to print them double-sided, flipping over the short side (rather than the long). The pages slot inside one another, going inwards from the cover in this order: '1-2 15-16', '3-4 13-14', '5-6 11-12' and '7-8 9-10'.

Or you can just make your own order. It might be more fun that way.

Scribble in it, rewrite it, add bits, cut bits out. That's what it's there for.

1-2 15-16

3-4 13-14

5-6 11-12

7-8 9-10

For those without printers, you can read the zine online. Click on the image below to open the PDF.

@noffmag / [email protected]