12 Fun Facts About NSDF!!

12 Fun Facts About NSDF!!

9 April 2017

1. National Student Drama Festival contains 28 letters!

2. If you stuffed copies of all the plays that have ever been performed at NSDF into a pig, that pig would die!

3. Festival Director Michael Brazier has two legs!

4. On the first night of every NSDF, the Tech Team sacrifice a virgin to ensure good lighting for the whole festival!

5. For two consecutive years, NSDF was held IN SPACE! It was a complete disaster!

6. Did you know that it’s possible to eat a theatre?!

7. Over the course of the week, the average festgoer will sit down more than three times!

8. While nearly all plays are written down, some are also spoken out loud!

9. Robots are shit at choreography!

10. The average festgoer can find 50 ways of expressing “this is tedious” just by moving their eyebrows!

11. No one has a fucking clue what “dramaturg” means!

12. The Dark Lord Cthulhu consumes all!