Management on the run

Management on the run

11 April 2017

Bronwen Davies and Lucy Bird fills us in on the Management Team's morning run, daily commute combo routine 

NOFF have asked us lot from Management to explain how we keep everything running. Instead, we’ve decided to explain how we keep ourselves running.

A sandwich lunch and high-carb dinner are the fodder that sustain us throughout the day, but this takes a toll on our Adonis-like forms. We may no longer need to be “beach-body ready” for the sunny sands of Scarbados, but this year we have other fitness goals to reach. Our exercise is not done in vain, but in hope of being able to reach the heady heights of completing the he she they choreography without being sick mid-leap.

Our busy schedules mean squeezing in the exercise where we can, resulting in a mix of running, outdoor gymming and a chance to get creative by finding the fitness in your work. 

A staple of this routine is the morning run, daily commute combo.

Hoodies on, ready to go and meet the Visiting Artists for this morning's workshops, we leave our accommodation building at a jog, admiring the glorious weather that we have, so far, been blessed with here in Hull. As we turn the corner out of the accommodation and on to the sports field stretch we pick up the pace, weaving in and out of our fellow Management Team, our movement creating a light breeze that runs through our hair.

We pass the outdoor gym, a well-loved staple of our fest so far, and this is where we really start to feel the heat. Regardless, we push on, keeping the pace up as we head into the final stretch. The SU is in sight, our weary bodies get one last shot of adrenaline, giving us the ability to power through that notorious “wall”. We get through the doors, droop with exhaustion, stretch off at the welcome desk, high-fiving as we proudly move to check our phones. 322 metres in 1min 30secs.

Check back in tomorrow to see if we can beat our record. 

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