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13 April 2019

How to get involved in Noises Off

Here at Noises Off HQ (also known as the Noffice), we’re looking for people who have things to say. About NSDF, higher education, theatre, or the wider plane of existence. Whether you want to write a review, article, feature, interview your friend (or yourself), compose ornate poetry, make jokes or redefine the art of theatre criticism, we’re here for your thoughts. If we can print it or put it on a webpage, we’ll take it.

Noff is your magazine. It belongs to everyone at the festival, and it’s here if you ever want to contribute to it (and we hope you do). If you’re keen to write something and need a bit of advice, feel free to drop by the Noffice. We’re here all week to be your sounding board and lend a helping hand. On Friday, we'll be making a zine, so it's all hands on deck to put together an old-style retro Noff that our predecessors would have been proud of. Come along to the Noffice to get cutting, sticking, stamping and glueing. 

We think criticism is equally valid in lots of different forms. A Twitter thread matters as much as a two-thousand-word essay. If you’ve got a doodle, or a screenshot of an interesting group chat about a show, we’ll publish it. We’re here to showcase your thoughts, your criticisms, your ideas, your wildest fantasies. Think the festival could be better run? Written some fanfic in response to a show? Want to levy some hot takes on a show you’ve seen? Ready to sing someone’s/something’s praises? Written a diary of your time at NSDF?

A few guidelines to help you along the way: we’re happy to publish anonymous articles, especially if you’re saying something personal. The one thing we won’t publish anonymously is reviews – regardless of what you’re saying, if you’re assessing someone’s work, it’s important your name goes on it. The other thing we won’t print is people reviewing their own shows. If you’re involved in a show, we’d love for you to write a piece on what the process has been like, but you can’t review it.

We publish as much as we can on our website, nsdf.org.uk/noises-off, as well as our daily print edition. You’re more likely to be included in the print magazine if your piece is 350, 500 or 800 words long, but we do our best by every piece we get sent. We’re delighted to read everything that gets sent our way. And if we don’t get back to you straight away – bear with us! Sometimes life at the festival gets hectic and busy. On that note: the Noffice isn’t just a place for highbrow reviews and lowbrow editorials. It’s a bubble away from the chaos of the festival with some friendly faces. If you ever need to take a moment somewhere quiet and peaceful, we’re always here. Please come and visit.

Send writing and other items of interest to [email protected] or get in contact on Twitter @noffmag. The Noffice is on the mezzanine level of the Curve foyer.

@noffmag // [email protected]