We're building something here...

We're building something here...

10 April 2017

It's been a hectic couple of days for the Tech Team. Elise Fairbairn salutes the hard work done so far

As the official festival begins, and companies begin to arrive, I find myself thinking, “Woah. We’ve created theatre spaces from a simple conference room.” That’s right, welcome to the Tech Team.

It’s been a busy few days; lots of lifting (discovering muscles that I didn’t know existed), lots of teamwork, and lots of new friends made – all in order to make the festival work! Our days have been intense, beginning the day at 8am and finishing at 11pm. All the work is varied, and the festival is very keen for us to get the most out of it, everyone is working hard and we are all exhausted. We are getting hungry. We are all going slightly mad. But we’re doing it all together, and suddenly High School Musical doesn’t seem so wrong anymore...

The first couple of days have been hectic, but in the right company and good food, we accomplish it in time. The next few days consist of workshops and opping shows, alongside seeing shows and meeting more companies and creatives just like us... here’s to a fun week ahead. 


(Yes we’re in the bar. Obviously.)

Stand out tech member day 1: James D

Stand out tech member day 2: Emma B

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