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Published on
13th May 2024

NATHAN POWELL will step down as the Artistic Director and co-CEO of NSDF this July. Nathan has been in post since April 2022 and has curated two festivals for the organisation; the nationwide festival: ‘THE BIG RESET’ in 2023, and our most recent 2024 festival at the Curve Theatre, Leicester.

On his departure, NATHAN POWELL said:

“Working with the NSDF team and Board over the last couple of years has been some of the most

fulfilling work I have had the pleasure to play a part in. At a time when access to art and pathways into

the theatre industry seem to be minimising, NSDF is a shining light of support for young theatre makers

of all disciplines. I’m so proud of what we have achieved in these challenging times, our most recent

festival being a real example of how vital NSDF is, and the incredible talent we have bubbling up into

the industry. The future of theatre is in safe hands! I will miss working with Keerthi on our shared

mission for increasing access to the industry so much, but feel so enthused about the ways Keerthi and

the Board will continue to grow this company, with kindness and care at the core of everything NSDF


Nathan leaves NSDF to join the Everyman and Playhouse Theatres in Liverpool as their Creative

Director, where he will continue to support young artists and develop the artistic programme at the


Reflecting on his time at NSDF EMMA KENDALL, Chair of the Board said:

“We have been so incredibly lucky to have Nathan at NSDF. In an incredibly challenging climate, he has

led extraordinary work: and always with the voices of young theatremakers at the heart of his

leadership. His kindness and brilliance has had a huge impact on our Festivals. It’s been such a privilege

to see him and Keerthi collaborate together over the last two years. I can’t wait to see what he goes on

to do at the Everyman and Playhouse Theatres – I know that it will be extraordinary!”

Nathan will continue to work with NSDF over the coming months to lay the foundation for next year’s

festival. NSDF is continuing its work: supporting young theatre-makers and developing plans for NSDF

2025 and beyond. We look forward to sharing more news about next year’s Festival in due course.

Executive Director and co-CEO KEERTHI KOLLIMADA said:

“It has been a real honour and a joy to work with Nathan; a true collaborator and someone who

leads by example. The past few years have not been without its trials for the theatre industry

and the people within it, but working with Nathan made all those challenges seem possible to

traverse. We are sad to see him go, but we are so thrilled for him and his next adventure,

where we know he will bring his vision and generosity of spirit in abundance”.

We wish Nathan the best of luck in his future creative endeavours and thank him for

his work and care during his time at NSDF.