NSDF: The Big Reset

For over 60 years NSDF has hosted some of the most exciting theatre being made by young people and students across the country. NSDF Alumni have gone on to achieve amazing things within and outside of the industry and we are incredibly proud of what this organisation has achieved and the support it has given to young theatre makers.

The current economic, political, and social climate has meant we have had to do some rethinking at NSDF. Our accommodation & catering costs for hosting artists have doubled or tripled, and the cost-of-living crisis means that it is not as feasible as it once was for young theatre makers to travel from around the country to us. If NSDF is to thrive for another 60 years, then it is time for us to listen to young theatre makers, and effect positive and practical change.

World events have led us to many meaningful conversations. The industry is experiencing a funding crisis, a crisis in technical workforce supply and a crisis in the retention of our creative workforce. Our central question has been "what do young theatre makers need to establish sustainable careers and how can NSDF be the most useful organisation in supporting that?". We know there is meaning in showcasing brilliant work, we know there is purpose in sharing knowledge through workshops from industry professionals, we know there is power in creating art together, so we will continue to do that.

NSDF: THE BIG RESET will be a nationwide event in APRIL 2023. We will hold events across the country, allowing for greater access to theatre makers more locally. We will still host brilliant work submitted to us, we will still create art together and we will still share knowledge, but this is a reset for NSDF. Across the week we will bring together young theatre makers (actors, directors, technicians, producers, choreographers, designers, everyone involved in making theatre), and key industry bodies to continue asking the question, what do young theatre makers need to create sustainable careers in this industry? During this week we will listen to attendees and learn from you all, the most useful format for NSDF, whether in the festival week, year-round or into our future. We will create the festival that our young artists NEED. We will begin the week at our home in Curve Theatre, Leicester and then travel across the country meeting and sharing work with young artists.

We know that to generate real change we must work collaboratively across the sector through ART and POLICY, so we will be involving leading industry organisations and bodies, to ensure that the message coming from our future sector leaders is heard clearly by our current sector leaders. This is our model for this year. and it will inform our model for future years to offer the best opportunities for young artists, technicians, and creators of all theatrical disciplines.

From now until April, we will be developing partnerships and creating opportunities for young artists to develop the most meaningful and useful NSD. forging a path for the future of our work with young theatre makers

We'll be releasing more details in January so please do keep an eye on us

We will continue to support and showcase emerging talent, if you are dedicated to doing the same, please do get in touch so we can create the future together.

Yours sincerely

Nathan and Keerthi

co CEO’s