We are thrilled to have been selected to create a new piece of work with the wonderful Barrel Organ and Company and the fantastic team at NSDF. While opportunity and access to the arts is extremely limited these days, we are excited to be able to collaborate on such a great project and make something fresh, that we hope will push boundaries!
Think-It Theatre

NSDF asked Barrel Organ ‘What support do you wish you’d had as an emerging company?’ and we said ‘‘guidance and support from people in the industry who give us the freedom to make what we want to make, whatever it may be”.  With costs of making work at an all-time high and the current COVID-19 crisis making entering the industry even more difficult, young theatre-makers are increasingly unable to access opportunities to showcase their talent and test their ideas.

NSDF have partnered with Barrel Organ to present an opportunity for an emerging company to create a new piece of work in co-production with the critically acclaimed company that was showcased at the Festival in 2021. Barrel Organ co-produced the new piece and provided support, mentoring and a meaningful introduction to the theatre industry.

After nearly 70 applications, Barrel Organ chose emerging theatre company 'Thunk-It Theatre' to partner with and created a new piece for NSDF 21. 

About Barrel Organ

Barrel Organ is a touring company founded by eleven theatre-makers from across the UK. We collaboratively create politically engaged shows, which interrogate 21st century culture. The live experience of the audience is central to our work.

Barrel Organ’s productions include Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here (2017), Some People Talk About Violence (2015) and NOTHING (2014). Alongside our productions Barrel Organ curate LIVE, a scratch night for new and experimental work made by artists currently under-represented in UK theatre, as well as running a programme of workshops and educational support. We were Associate Artists of Camden People’s Theatre for four years.

Barrel Organ have recently been awarded the Underbelly and New Diorama Theatre Untapped award for their latest show CONSPIRACY which will premiere at Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019.

“This young company are the future” - The Guardian.