About Slung Low

Founded in 2000 after a performance at NSDF, Slung Low is an award-winning theatre company specialising in making epic productions in non-theatre spaces, often with large community performance companies at their heart.

Slung Low are currently developing a new people’s theatre epic with National Theatre of Scotland. The company recently produced the first Leeds People’s Theatre project, the short film The Good Book by James Phillips which concluded with a riot on the steps of Leeds Town Hall.

Recent work – on an epic scale using cityscapes as backdrops - includes Mapping The City (with iMove Yorkshire Cultural Olympiad in Hull), Blood and Chocolate, (York Theatre Royal & Pilot Theatre), The White Whale (Leeds Inspired), Camelot: The Shining City (Sheffield Theatres and Sheffield Peoples’ Theatre) and Flood (Hull City of Culture, BBC & The Space).

The company recently relocated to The Holbeck in Leeds: the oldest working men’s club in Britain. They run the bar as a traditional members’ bar and the rest of the building as an open development space for artists and a place where Slung Low invite other companies to present their work that otherwise might not get to be seen in Leeds. All work presented at The Holbeck is Pay What You Decide. The equipment and vehicles of the company are lent to those who have need. It is a useful place that shares its resources with those artists who need them.

In Autumn 2018 Slung Low launched a Cultural Community College based in Holbeck; a place where adults come to learn new cultural skills - from stargazing to South Indian cooking, from carpentry to singing in a choir – and all workshops, supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation, are provided on a Pay What You Decide basis.

We believe that access to culture is a fundamental part of a happy life. We believe that actions, however small, can have a big impact. We believe that culture can change our world for the better. 

We are uncompromising in our beliefs.